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Facebook vs website: which is more effective?

guy thinking between facebook and website

This article explains Facebook vs website and more importantly, how you can use both to complement and accent each other to build your online presence. Before making a decision on which one is the best, here is some information that will give you a better understanding of each platform and how to use them for the result you want.

Understand the difference between website and social media

Pros of the Facebook page

  1. Quick and free: it takes a couple of minutes to set up a Facebook page and all the background software is already developed for you.

  2. Easily engage your audience: Facebook provides communication tools integrates messenger das como & Comment to communicate directly with your audience

  3. More traffic

Cons of Facebook page

  1. Lack of control: is subject to Facebook rules and updates

  2. Limited Design - Much of Facebook's design is pre-automated and only has the ability to brand your business to a certain extent.

The benefits of a website for building online businesses

Website Pros

  1. Control total: tiene una opinión absoluta sobre todos los aspectos de su sitio web, incluido dónde está alojado, la url en la que se encuentra, el diseño, los derechos de los visitantes y mucho más.

  2. Libertad: no hay reglas y puede publicar lo que desee sin restricciones.

  3. Credibilidad: tener un sitio web comercial personal agrega credibilidad a su marca, especialmente si desea que la gente le compre en línea.

Cons of the website

  1. Ongoing maintenance and maintenance - the entire back-end of software development and maintenance is up to you

  2. More marketing effort - it's up to you to drive traffic to your website

Use both platforms to market business

The correct answer to "Facebook vs website: which one should I use?" It is BOTH and the reason for this is because cross posting increases traffic on both ends. Publish an article on your website and simultaneously publish it on your Facebook page to drive traffic to your website. Vice versa, include your social media identifiers on your website to attract people to your Facebook page.

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